Kid'n Around Kindergarten

School Mission Statement

Kid'n Around Kindergarten is a place where adults and children grow and learn together in a nurturing and creative environment. Our values reflect our belief that children learn best in a rich environment that focuses on the interweaving of cognitive and creative ways of thinking and learning. Our staff is truly committed to working in partnership with you and your child to provide for the highest quality early childhood experience. 

General Information

Phone number: 4483-3836, 7796-5436 (mobile)

Fax number: 4483-3967

Website: www.kidnaroundkg.com

Email: info@kidnaroundkg.com

Location of nursery: Al Taief Street, Dahl El Hamam, Madinat Khalifa North

GPS Coordinates: 25.329167, 51.476944

Nearby Landmarks: Dahl Al Hamam Park, Landmark Mall

Students live in the following areas: Dafna, Madinat Khalifa, West Bay, Markhiya, Al Gharrafa

Nationality of Management: Qatari


kid'n around doha mums
Construction fun with friends! Kid'n Around is fully equipped with high-quality Lakeshore Learning toys and learning tools.

Admission & Attendance Information

Ages of children admitted: 3-5 years old

Cost: Please feel free to contact us for an up-to-date fee schedule.

Fees are paid: Termly and Yearly rates are available.  We offer a 10% discount for siblings.

Registration fee: QR1000

Application procedure: Registration forms must be completed in full by a parent or legal guardian. You can download a registration form from our website and visit us at the kindergarten. The following pertinent records must be provided:

  • Two recent passport-sized photographs of the child
  • Copy of the mother's passport, RP and Qatar Identity Card
  • Copy of the Father's passport, RP and Qatar Identity Card
  • Copy of the child's vaccination records
  • Child's birth certificate
  • Copy of child's RP and Passport

All students must be independent with their toilet needs.


kid'n around doha mums
Our huge indoor play area guarantees that your children will get their exercise even during the hottest months.

Hours & Schedule Information

Hours of Kindergarten: 8am - 1pm

Care options: Five days per week 

Before-school and after-school care: No

Type of curriculum: British Curriculum Early Years Foundation Stage 

Typical daily schedule: During the day the children will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities. A sample of the daily routine in the kindergarten would be:

  • 7:45-8:00 Arrival/Circle Time
  • 8:00-9:00 Free choice areas & focus lessons
  • 9:00-9:30 Outdoor playtime
  • 9:30-9:40 Wash hands for breakfast/bathroom
  • 9:40-10:00 Snack time
  • 10:00-10:45 Arabic/Islamic (Optional)
  • 10:30-11:00 P.E./Gardening/Cooking
  • 11:00-12:15 Corners & focus lessons
  • 12:15-12:30 Circle time (storytime) & getting ready to go home

Naps: No

School Holidays: National Holidays, 10-14 days during Winter and Spring Breaks, and two months during the summer break

School calendar(s) most closely followed: Compass International School


kid'n around doha mums

Our main hall provides appropriately-sized seating for our most important people - the students!

Classroom & Teacher Information

Size of classes & number of teachers: 18 children per class, one teacher and one assistant.  We also have extra assistants to help teachers when required.

Required teacher trainings/education: University Degree and at least three years experience in an early years setting. We also provide in-house training on the Early Years Foundation Stage Program.

Required teacher's assistant trainings/education: At least three years experience in an early years setting

Languages spoken by teachers: English and Arabic

English Languages spoken and/or taught to children: English and Arabic (optional)

Extra-curricular activities: As part of our curriculum we have weekly structured PE, music, music & movement, ICT, gardening and cooking classes.  Regular field trips may incur an extra charge.

Do the children watch TV/videos? No.  However, we do have special gatherings & activities on Thursdays for each year group, which may include a cinema day.

Are webcams available for parents to view their children online: No

List of after-hours & weekend babysitters available: No


kid'n around doha mums
Our shaded outdoor play area includes a sandbox with no sharp edges and areas for gardening and water play. 

Other Questions

Grassy Play area: Astroturf in our gardening area and our water area

Shaded outdoor play area: Yes

Dedicated indoor play area: Yes

Are snacks supplied for the children: No - children bring their own snacks.

Are lunches supplied for the children: No

Are the lunches (from lunchboxes) heated for the children: No

Nut Policy: No nuts 

Other food policies, if any: Healthy snack

Islamic Studies offered: Yes (optional)

Full-time Nurse on staff? Yes

Accepts Special Needs students: Dependent on the disability

Assists with potty training: No


kid'n around doha mums

Our bright & cheery classrooms add to Circle Time fun!


Personally I am thrilled with the school:  the service, the staff and level of education that Graysen is and has received. There is individualized work if the kids are ahead which is great. There are lots of activities and field trips that the kids partake in. They get homework on Wednesday to finish by Sunday. They also get a reading book once a week (starting in January). A notebook goes home with these items so that parents and teachers alike can pass along messages as required. Parents also receive a weekly newsletter in their email so they know what has been and will be covered in school plus what requires reinforcing. He has actually learnt Arabic, from recognizing letters to singing. In fact, he sang Happy Birthday to his little brothers on their birthday all by himself. Considering I have had kids at five different schools/daycare in Doha, I am the most pleased with Kidn’d Around.  If the classes went beyond Junior Kindergarten, I would elect to keep Graysen there – that is how happy I am with the school. 

Greyson's mum - Krista

My son started at Kid 'n Around Kindergarten in January 2012.I have never seen him happier, he loves going to school. His teacher is fantastic. Always going above and beyond to ensure that each day is fun and interesting and learning comes with it!

Also my son suffers some food allergies, his teacher and the staff always ensure his safety, at the same time making sure he doesn't miss out on any of the treats that come in for birthdays, or baking days in class or field trips, with an alternative for him.

We love the weekly newsletters with photos included so you can read and see everything that's being done in class. The kindergarten itself is spacious, bright, colourful making it a wonderful place to learn. The outside play area is also lots of fun with plenty of things to keep the kids occupied, my son particularly likes the bikes and slide. I love picking up my son every day to see the smile on his face and to hear the stories of the day he had at school.

Adrian's mum - Venessa

Kid'n Around Kindergarten is a nurturing environment which is highly child centred. Our daughter has grown in confidence socially and academically over the past 12months. The staff at the KG are highly responsive to the needs of each individual child and family. They respond promptly and professionally to queries and suggestions, and are also friendly and supportive. For us as parents, our prime concern was that we would find a school which provided a holistic approach to education, catering for the social, emotional and academic wellbeing of our child; we found it in Kid'n Around. Our daughter loves school and is very happy there.

The weekly newsletters are excellent in their design and content. They keep parents informed as to past, future and current events. It is really great to get information on learning tips for home, and to see photos of the children in their work and play.

The reception class this year is small, and as such the children receive a high level of attention. We have noticed a significant improvement in our child's speech, literacy and numeracy over the past 9 months. The learning environment is bright and colourful with a wide variety of resources. The school caters for all nationalities, and as a British family we are pleased that our child has been able to access Arabic as a second language at an early age, and has been able to mix well with a range of local Qatari, European and Asian families.

Isabella's mum- Laura


My son has now spent a year at Kid'n Around KG, where he has experienced great learning in line with other institutions internationally. He has been exposed to a range of varied weekly fun activities to reinforce the week's topic of learning, a true reflection of the creativity and imagination of the staff. One of the attributes of the KG is the way in which they listen and respond to parents' concerns and issues, giving this sense of real nurturing.

Prillanam's mum- Nandini


My son has been very happy since day one at Kid'n Around Kindergarten. The staff is incredibly friendly and give personalised attention to every Kid. The management people are also very accessible and seem to have very good knowledge about curricula and early education.

Charle's Mum - Arlene


The Facility is enormous, spacious, very neat and tidy, well equipped, beautifully designed with a very comfy atmosphere. The entire staff are genuinely concerned, professional, warm and very appreciative. No wonder my son had short lived anxiety and fear when he started schooling. Now I could sense that he has particularly loved the place, his teachers and his friends. Surely it is uplifting to see your child gradually, yet greatly, improve on his behaviour, socialisation skills, and more importantly his learning capabilities. This is the reason why I also favour the limited class size-ratio the school adopts to ensure each of the students' progress is monitored efficiently.

Jad's Mum - Samia