Starfish Lane Kids Nurseries

School Mission Statement

Kimberley welcomes you and your children into the magical world of Starfish Lane Kids Nurseries. Since opening in September 2006, Starfish Lane Kids have established a fantastic reputation as being the leaders of quality childcare in Doha.

Kimberley attributes this to the fabulous support of the parent community and especially to the wonderful Starfish ladies. Starfish believes in developing the skills of all the team. We conduct intensive in house training programs utilizing a network of professionals in Doha. All our branches have received a glowing report from ‘Safety Angels', childcare safety experts.

All branches of are located in wonderful, spacious villas - flooded with natural light and filled with soothing scents of our Australian natural aromatherapy oils. The setting at Starfish Lane Kids is calm and tranquil - please come to see us!


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General Information

Phone numbers: 

  • SF1: Al Markhiya 4487-5939 
  • SF2: Al Jelaiah 4411-0355




Location of nurseries: Three locations: Al Markhiya, Al Jelaiah & Qatari Diar

Nearby Landmarks:  Landmark Mall, West Bay, College of The North Atlantic - Qatar, Aramex Roundabout

GPS Coordinates of Starfish 1 (Al Markhiya):  25.334019, 51.483135

GPS Coordinates of Starfish 2 (Al Jelaiah):  25.357222, 51.480278

Starfish 3 Qatari Diar:  (Private Nursery)

Map to schools: 

  • To Starfish 1 (Markhiya) and Starfish 2 (Al Jelaiah) download here 

Driving directions: To Markhiya and to Al Jelaiah

Nationality of Management:  Australian

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Springtime in our gorgeous gardens

Admission & Attendance Information

Ages of children admitted: 12 months - 4 years

Cost: Please contact Starfish Lane Kids Nurseries for their fee structure. 

Fees are paid: By the term

Registration fee: QR1900

Other fees: None

Refund policy: Non-refundable

Application deposit: None

Average length of waitlist: The longest waiting lists are from the ages of one to three years old.  Starfish Lane Kids contacts the parents regularly to update them on their waitlist status.

Application procedure: Parents wishing to proceed with an application must first visit Starfish Lane Kids so they can take a look at our wonderful facilities.  A simple application form is then completed.  Other paperwork is not required and the registration fee is not due until a confirmed placement has been offered.


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Bright Eyes 

Hours & Schedule Information


Hours of nurseries: 7:00am - 4:00pm

Starfish Lane Kids has had an increasing number of parents that both work, so in light of that, we have extended out timings to 7am to 3pm. The extended timings are only available upon preregistration of this additional service and there is an extra fee incurred for the extended hour.

Care options: Three, four or five days per week

Before-school care:  Available for working parents only at additional cost.

After-school care:  Available for working parents only at additional cost.

Type of curriculum:  Belonging, Being and Becoming. The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.

Naps:  Offered as required for younger children.

Summer sessions offered:  The Summer Program is offered to all Starfish families primarliy and is then offered to the general public.

School Holidays:  Please visit Starfish Lane Kids Nurseries for more information.

School calendar(s) most closely followed:  DESS and the American School of Doha


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Dedicated & Professional Staff


Classroom & Teacher Information

Size of classes & number of teachers:  There are 12 children in the baby classroom.  In the other classes there are between 16-20 children on average, with most classes having 18 children (depending on the size of the classroom).  There are four staff members in each classroom.


Required teacher trainings/education: We have an Educational/ Traning Co-ordinator who oversees all staff training and education is up to date and is constantly finding new, exciting programs for Starfish. Staff are Pediatric First Aiders and fire wardens are located in all branches. In addition, we hold six days per ten months of intensive in-house training for all staff members utilizing professional childcare specialists, on subjects such as child psychology, yoga, speech and play therapy. Additional training for all staff takes place in DESS, American School of Doha and Compass International School.

Required teacher's assistant trainings/education: Varies on an individual basis.

Languages spoken by teachers: English

Languages spoken and/or taught to children: English

Do the children watch TV/videos?   No

Are webcams available for parents to view their children online: No


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Starfish Libraries

More About Starfish Lane Kids Nurseries

School Activities: Children's Yoga program with fully trained and qualified instructors across all branches, Kids in the Kitchen, Winter Garden and much, much more........

Starfish Lane Kids Professional Services: Starfish Lane Kids is now working with three amazing women, Tammy Campbell (Play Therapist), Patricia Rocha (Psychologist) and Amanda Austin (Speech & Language Therapy) and are offering workshops in their areas of expertise.

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Other Information

Grassy Play areas: All branches have grassed areas as well as sensory gardens.

Shaded outdoor play areas: All branches use Australian Shade Sails, which are imported from Australia and provide a 98% blocking of the harmful UV rays.

Dedicated indoor play areas: Yes, in all locations

Are snacks supplied for the children: No snacks are supplied due to differing dietary requirements & allergies.

Are lunches supplied for the children:  No lunches are supplied due to differing dietary requirements & allergies.

Are the lunches (from lunchboxes) heated for the children: Lunches are heated for the youngest class only.

Nut Policy: We do not allow nuts or foods containing nuts.

Other food policies, if any:  No sweets or soda. We follow a Healthy Foods For Our Kids policy at Starfish Lane Kids.

Potty training:  We assist our students with potty training.

Are cloth diapers accepted: No 

Are diapers and wipes supplied: No

We are working with UK trained Nutritionists providing workshops for parents on healthy eating.

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I extensively  searched Doha before placing my child  in care as I had high expectations of a child care provision.  I really enjoyed environment set up by Starfish Lane Kids; not only for the children but also for parents.  It felt like Starfish was a community that was dedicated to children.  I have not been let down and feel that my child has excelled since being in the care of such a great team.  Further, my child was recently accepted into a school and I feel Starfish was instrumental in supporting us through the highly competitive school placement system.  


My 2 year old son attends Starfish Lane Kids five days a week and he loves it! As a parent and speech-language pathologist who specializes in young children, I know that my expectation/standard for his education is exceptionally high. I am consistently impressed by the level of creativity, variety of experiences and nurturing that make up his education at Starfish. I am grateful for the amount of practical training for the teachers, as well as the opportunities available to families (play therapy, speech therapy, languages, etc.). My son's education is richly enhanced by the positive and creative environment that he joins each morning. Thank you and well done Starfish!



Almost two years ago we walked into Starfish Lane 2, still bewildered after our first month in Doha.  Making the choice of nursery seemed daunting, but when we walked in we felt at home! There was no hesitation in our minds that our son would love it here, with the beautiful incenses in the air, happy music, beautiful decor, laughter and many friendly faces.  But most of all the support given to our family - the 'newbies' in town!  Two years on and Carrick still loves every minute and has grown close to his teachers and friends! What has impressed us the most is the social and development skills that he has gained from his time at Starfish and are grateful for the grounding that he has been given to pave the way for his future! Thank you to all at Starfish!

Paul & Natalie - parents to Carrick (3 years)

Our son Said has been attending Starfish Lane for about 2 years now, and we couldn’t be any happier with both the knowledge he has gained and the skills he has developed.  We particularly appreciate the fact that the teaching concentrates on a specific topic in any given month, ranging from animals and shapes, to colors and fruits.  Moreover the arts and crafts activities are second to none.  Said has been accepted into the American School of Doha, and we believe Starfish Lane has prepared him superbly to be able to integrate well into the new environment and to succeed in it as well.  We thank all the teachers, management personnel and other staff as Starfish Lane.  We have already enrolled our youngest son Samuel for this coming September and we are thrilled for him to follow in his elder brother’s footsteps.

Diana & Roger Malki - parents to Said