Doha Mums

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    Playgroups, playgroups, playgroups

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    We’re a gold mine of information for all things Doha, including local activities, schools and nurseries, and where to purchase that ONE THING you miss from home!

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    Get a 10% discount on Qatar Airways!

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    Meet mums from your home country and from the far corners of the globe. You may meet your new best friend here in Doha Mums.

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    Discover the joy of reading via one of more than 8,000 books at the Doha Mums Children's Library.

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    Score a great deal on used baby or household items - or sell your own items. (Pssst: you might even find a housemaid who is coming available!)

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    Whether the next milestone be solid foods, potty training or the nail-biting school application process, you’ll always find someone who has been through it before and can help guide you through it.

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    Did we mention that we have playgroups?

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    The amazing Deals Card, which provides more than 250 discounts around Doha and online 

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    You deserve it.

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