Doha Mums 2016 Summer Market – APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN

The seventh annual Doha Mums Summer Market will be held on Saturday 14th May from 11am-4pm at the Radisson Blu, with a special pre-entry shopping hour of 10-11am. 

Interested vendors are invited to apply!

As always:

  • There are approximately 300 applicants for 90 tables, which means that only 1/3 of applicants will receive a table and 2/3 of applicants will not receive a table.
  • No applicant is ever guaranteed a table, regardless of being an advertising client of Doha Family/Mums, the number of times applied, participation in previous markets, being a member of Doha Mums or any other factor. Decision are solely based on factors such as the type and quality of your goods, how they compare to other similar items, the number of vendors in a particular category and the overall diversity of items offered at the market.
  • Our previous interactions with you as a vendor or prospective vendor are also considered. Applicants who become pushy or demand a table are virtually guaranteed to not be offered a table at the event, so please keep this in mind when communicating with the market organizers.
  • Due to venue restrictions, we are unable to offer tables to vendors selling food products that are intended to be consumed on the spot.
  • All details regarding the pricing for vendor tables and other market-related issues are listed on the online application form.
  • Table dimensions are approximately 1.8m long by 0.7m wide.

NEW this year:

  • Photos are required be uploaded with the application, so please have them ready for uploading before you apply. EACH PHOTO MUST BE 1MB OR LESS.
  • Vendors needing additional floor space for their items will now be assessed an additional fee of QR200.
  • We regret that we will not offer tables to vendors that sell Aloe Vera products.

To apply for a table at the Doha Mums Summer Market please visit our online form.