Doha Mums

  • I am a working mom (or a working expectant mom) - what events can I attend?

    We have made it easier for working mums to identify events occuring in non-working hours! Just visit the Events page and click on the filter for "Working Mum Friendly" - this will bring up all but the afternoon, evening and weekend events.

    The Mums Night Out and the New Arrivals Night Out are our main evening events, and we have occasional weekend and afternoon events as well. 

    Keep an eye on the daytime events as well since there may be one that will take place close to your place of employment.  You need not stay for the entire event, so if you are able to sneak away for just a bit then perhaps that would be a convenient way to join Doha Mums.  We are also offering a Saturday playgroup at a park near Landmark Mall during the cooler months.

  • May I still your events if I don’t have kids or they are not grown up in Qatar?

    Though you will not be able to officially register for the group, you are more than welcome to attend our events, provided there is space (and there generally is).  For limited attendance events we do give priority to members of Doha Mums, but most of our events don't fall under this category.  Come on out and give us a try - we truly are a friendly bunch and we'd love to have you along!

  • Are members required to host playgroups?

    Members are not required to host playgroups, but we do hope you will enjoy attending them enough that you decide to do so. 

    The playgroup need not be at your home - you can organize a “playgroup” at the park, an indoor play area or other locations around Doha.

    Organizing a playgroup at a public venue can involve little more than scheduling the event on our online calendar and being on the lookout for new members at the event - it is very easy!

  • I’d like to host a playgroup, but my house is too small. Are there any options for me?


    You can host a playgroup for a specific age-range (e.g. non-mobile babies, one-year olds, young toddlers, etc.), and you may also limit the number of attendees by using the RSVP feature on our members-only website.  We only ask that you save space for at least three prospective members. 

    You may also co-host with a member who has a larger home - you bring the snacks, they supply the space, and you both clean up. 

    Another option is to “host” a playgroup in a park or in Ray’s Reef, which involves little more than sending out the announcement and reminding parents to bring snacks, water, sunscreen, etc.

    Have questions?  Just contact us!

  • May I bring my infant’s older sibling(s) to an Infants Playgroup?

    This varies from hostess to hostess, so please check her before you bring an infant's sibling. 

    First-time mums are not necessarily excited about germ-factory toddlers, so please be respectful of their wishes if they want to limit the playgroup to infants.

  • I am pregnant with my first child and I’d like to get to know some other mums who have babies. May I attend a baby playgroup?

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