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  • Is the Doha Mums Children’s Library open to the public?

    No, the library is limited to registered members of Doha Mums. Upon joining Doha Mums members can join the library for a small annual fee and have access to more than 6,000 books.

  • How many books does the library have - and what kinds of books are they?

    The library has more than 6,000 books for children, ranging from board books up to books suitable for teens. Most of the books are in English, but we have many titles in Spanish, Arabic, French, Dutch, Korean and other languages. You can search our online catalog by author, title or subject. Read more about the Doha Mums Children's Library to learn more.

  • My friend is a member of the library. May I visit the library with her?

    No, the library is limited to registered members of Doha Mums. Non-members cannot attend, even with a friend who is a member.

  • May I come by just to take a look at the library?

    No. The library is available exclusively to members of Doha Mums. Non-members are not allowed to enter the library even "just for a look". 

    For more information on the library please visit this page. Details on our collection can be found on the online library catalogue, where you can search our collection by author, title or subject. 

  • Where is the Doha Mums Children’s Library?

    The library is located near Ezdan Mall. You can learn more about our library here.

  • Can my husband attend the library with our children? Do I need to accompany him?

    Your husband is more than welcome to attend the Doha Mums Children's Library sessions with your kids, provided that you are a Doha Mums member with a current Library membership. 

    You do not need to accompany him - he is welcome to attend a session without you. However, make sure you have RSVPd him on the private Doha Mums website. 

  • May I drop my kids off at the library?

    No. All children must be accompanied by one or more of their parents at all times.

  • May I donate books to the library?

    Yes! We would be thrilled to accept your donations of both children's and adult books, whether in English or any other language. Books that we cannot use in our collection will be sold to library members, with the proceeds being used to purchase new books, supplies and furniture for the library. Please contact us regarding your donation!

  • Are there any volunteer opportunities available at the library?

    Yes! We are always seeking dedicated volunteers who are willing to assist with reshelving books, leading "storytimes" or craft sessions, applying protective covers and labels to books and more. Please contact us for more information.

  • May I bring my nursery or homeschool group to visit the library?

    As a private library we cannot accommodate field trips or non-member visits. Sorry!

  • Is the library open during the weekends or evenings?

    We offer sessions during the weekends and occasionally have a late-afternoon session as well. The dates and times of the sessions are limited by the number of volunteers who run them. Members can check the calendar on our private website for full details on timings .

  • Do you have books for all ages?

    Our extensive collection of more than 6,000 books caters to children from infancy all the way up to early teens. We have board books, picture books, early readers, chapter books, etc. To get a good idea of the types of books that we have in the library please visit our online catalog, where you can search by author, subject or title. 

  • Do you have books in languages other than English?

    Yes! We have several hundred books in Spanish, Arabic, French, Korean, Dutch and other languages. We are always seeking donations for non-English books as well. Please contact us if you have any to donate.

  • What kinds of books are in the library?

    The Doha Mums Children's Library contains more than 6,000 books, so we have a huge variety! In addition to the children's books we also have adult-focused books on pregnancy, parenting, breastfeeding, autism and ADHD. An entire section is dedicated to childhood issues such as bullying, the death of a relative or pet, potty training, making friends, moving house and other challenges. To learn more about our holdings visit our online catalog, where you can search by author, title or subject.

  • My family is visiting from my home country. May I bring them to the library?

    You are welcome to bring family that is visiting you in Doha. You will not be able to check out books for those family members, though. 

    If you have relatives here in Doha who have children then those family members will not be able to visit the library with you; they will need to join Doha Mums and join the library before they can visit. There are no exceptions to this policy and they cannot come with you "just to look".

  • I am a member of Doha Mums and the library. May I bring a friend to a library session?

    The Doha Mums Children's Library is open exclusively to members of Doha Mums. We cannot accommodate non-members at any time, even "just to look". Please suggest that your friend join Doha Mums so she and her family can enjoy the amazing library facilities.

  • Does the library carry books for adults?

    The vast majority of the 6,000+ books in the Doha Mums Children's Library are for children. The adult-focused books that we carry are generally focused on pregnancy, parenting and special-interest books such as autism, dyslexia, ADHD, breastfeeding, etc. We do not carry "novels" or "best-sellers" for adults. For more information on the books in our library please visit the online library catalog, where you can search by author, subject or title. 

  • What are the hours for the library?

    The library is run by volunteers so we are not able to be open all day, every day. On average the library is open four or five days per week, for approximately two hours each time. Doha Mums members can view the library hours on our private website for further information and to RSVP to a specific session.

  • How much does it cost to join the library?

    The annual library membership fee is QR120 per family. 

    The fee is prorated on a monthly basis to match the Doha Mums membership expiration date, at which point the member would renew for the next year at QR120. For example, if a member joins Doha Mums on 1st April but does not join the library until 1st September then her initial library membership fee would be QR70 (September to March); when she renews her Doha Mums Membership then she would renew separately with the library for a full year (QR120).

  • What is the library membership fee used for?

    100% of the annual library membership fee is used to pay for books, supplies, furniture, library maintenance and cataloging costs. Additional costs of library operation are beyond the reach of the library "revenue" and are covered by Doha Mums.


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