Doha Mums

  • How do I join Doha Mums?

    Prospective members are required to attend an event (e.g. a playgroup, a coffee, a Mums Night Out, etc.) before joining the group.  Please browse our website to find an event that works with your schedule.

    When you attend the event, you will need to make yourself known to the event coordinator so she can verify your attendance with our Membership Director - this is important! Also, please remember the names of two members that you met at the event as you will be asked for their names when you apply.

    Once you have attended an event, return to this website and complete the application form to join.  You will receive an email once your membership has been approved regarding the payment of membership dues - please see the FAQ regarding Membership Dues for more information.

    Please do not submit your membership form or pay your membership dues until after you have attended an event - this helps keep our volunteer-based administrative efforts to a minimum. Also please note that your application must be received within one month of your attending an event.

  • How do I pay the membership fees?

    Membership fees for Doha Mums are QR150 (US$42) per year and are paid online.  You can download the instructions for online payment here. You are welcome to have a friend make the payment on your behalf, regardless of whether or not that person is a member of Doha Mums.

    Certain members or event coordinators may be willing to make the transaction for you in exchange for the QR150 in cash, plus a QR20 "convenience fee". While we sincerely doubt that there would be any problems with transactions made by a member or coordinator on your behalf, Doha Mums is not responsible for any loss, theft or misunderstanding that might result from these transactions.

  • I want the Deals Card! Who is eligible to purchase it?

    Doha Mums members are eligible to purchase the Deals Card.  Please go here to find out more about joining Doha Mums.

    Non-members who attempt to purchase the Deals Card will not be given a refund and will not receive a card.

  • Is the Deals Card included in the membership fees for Doha Mums?

    No. The Deals Card won't appeal to everyone, so including in the membership dues would force both the membership fees and the price for the Deals Card to be much higher for everyone.

    We feel it is better to give members a choice as to whether or not they want to purchase the Deals Card. With more than 250 offers from 200+ outlets (and many more to come) you will find that it represents an excellent value.

  • I’m not a member of Doha Mums. May I still purchase the Deals Card?

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