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Mission Statement

To create a unique, secure, nurturing environment that will develop each child’s pre-school abilities on an emotional, social, intellectual and physical level by providing a safe certified, government-licensed, child–centred setting where the key focus is learning through play. Apple Tree Nursery is committed to providing the highest standard of childcare within Qatar.

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General Information

  • Nationality of Management


  • Nursery Curriculum

    British Curriculum - Early Years Foundation Stage

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Admission & Attendance

  • Ages of Children Admitted

    Ten months to under four years

  • Cost

    For under 2 years:

    • 2 days/week: Qr 2300
    • 3 days/week: Qr 2750
    • 5 days/week: Qr 3450
  • For over 2 years:

    • 2 days/week: Qr 2200
    • 3 days/week: Qr 2700
    • 5 days/week: Qr 3300
  • Nursery Fees payment schedule

    Fees are paid monthly.

  • Registration fee

    QR 1,500

  • Application procedure

    Please call us to make an appointment for one of our Open Days where you will be provided with all information, view our fantastic facilities and meet with our Team - you will be guaranteed a warm welcome!

  • Average length of waiting list

    A Waiting Pool does exist and available space is subject to children moving each year within our Nursery, moving to “big” school or exiting Qatar.

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Hours & Schedule

  • Hours of nursery

    7:00 am until 3:00 pm (Apple Tree Ever After Club from 2:00 pm onwards)

  • Full-time care available


  • Nursery schedule options

    2 days per week, 3 days per week, 5 days per week

  • Naps


  • Summer sessions offered


  • Nursery Holidays

    As per the Apple Tree Nursery Calendar

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Classroom & Teacher Information

  • Training & Education for teachers

    Teaching degree, CPR and Paediatric First Aid Certification. Selected Team Members are Certified Fire Wardens.

  • Training & Education for teacher’s assistants

    Attend weekly in-house training courses, hold a variety of Montessori/Early Childcare Certifications, CPR and Paediatric First Aid Certification. Selected Team Members are Certified Fire Wardens.

  • Languages spoken by teachers


  • Languages spoken and/or taught to children


  • Size of classes & number of teachers
    • Under two years old - one adult to every three children
    • Two to three years old - one adult to every four children
    • Three to three and a half years old - one adult to every five children
    • 3.5 to 4 years old - one adult to every six children
  • Extracurricular activities

    Coming soon

  • Do the children watch TV/videos?


  • If yes, how frequently and for how long?


  • Are webcams available for parents to view their children online?


  • If before-school care offered?


  • Hours, cost and other details of after-school care

    3 to 5 PM, to be booked in advance for an additional fee

  • Is after-school care offered?


  • List of after-hours and weekend babysitters available?


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Other Questions

  • Grassy play area


  • Shaded outdoor play area

    Yes, with ride-on toys, sand & water tables, slides, climbing frames, and playhouses.

  • Dedicated indoor play area

    Yes, with a variety of skill-building equipment

  • Are snacks supplied for the children?

    Children bring their own snacks.

  • Are lunches supplied for the children?

    Children bring their own lunch, which we can refrigerate if necessary.

  • Are the lunches (from the lunchboxes) heated for the children?


  • Nut policy

    We have a “no nut” policy - no nuts of any kind are allowed.

  • Other food policies, if any

    Children bring their own lunch, which we refrigerate. Our on-site Nutritionist recommends healthy lunch box options in our weekly Newsletter

  • Are cloth diapers accepted?


  • Are diapers and wipes supplied?


  • Do you offer Islamic studies?

    Yes, Once a week for Muslim children.

  • Do you have a full-time nurse on staff?

    Yes, as well as a visiting pediatrician

  • Do you accept Special Needs students?


  • Do you assist with potty training?

    We have a Potty Training Policy which is designed to work with you and your child.

  • Nursery Awards

    Qatar Ministry of Family & Social Affairs Excellence Award- March 2015, presented by the Deputy Minister

  • Additional Safety Measures/Certificates

    Qatar Chubb Certification for fire and safety equipment, Team member weekly in-house training, Monthly in-house fire drills, CCTV


Thank you - we are just so sad to leave Appletree, it is the saddest thing about the whole move!’

Emily and Sam, parents to Arabella 3 years old.

Apple Tree, a fantastic Nursery indeed… I started off my little one at 24 months on a 2 day a week program and moved to a 5-day program because I could see that she was absolutely enjoying her time at the Nursery. The daily activities ranging from phonics, art and craft, garden play, library time and circle time are varied, creative and well supervised. Apple Tree maintains very high standards of cleanliness and hygiene which any mum would appreciate. They have an open line of communication with the parents and very clear and sensible policies about health and safety. I especially love their healthy eating policy which has been a great start for my daughter as she gets ready to start at Doha College in September. The staff are positive, friendly and enthusiastic and share a fantastic relationship with the children which, in turn, provides a great class environment for the little ones… Diya has made a lovely circle of friends and so have I from the community of mums at Apple Tree! A well-run Nursery with the children and their well being and development being the focus of it all… Undoubtedly, one of the top choices in Doha!

Sunita, Mum to Diya, 3 years old

Our daughter Lily started with Apple Tree Nursery 2 years ago and it is amazing how much she blossomed. She has always been a confident little girl but her great teachers and all the lovely staff at Apple Tree helped her to become even more self-confident. Lily’s speech developed dramatically within the 2 years and she never leaves her class without giving every team member a big hug and kisses. Every morning she enters Apple Tree very excited and every day she leaves Nursery with a bright smile on her face.

Melanie & Mark, parents to Lily, 3 years old

Apple Tree Nursery is such a warm and welcoming environment to be part of. Initially, our daughter was very shy and clingy, but after a few weeks of her settling in, she was like a different child! The Butterflies team were so kind and gentle and so patient with her. Since then her confidence and language have come on leaps and bounds! She has learned to count to 10 and she loves to sing and dance with her friends. We are so happy with her progress and couldn’t recommend Apple Tree Nursery enough!

Tom and Gemma, parents to Florence, 20 months old

My daughter has been at Apple Tree for nearly 12 months now and I can not rate them highly enough. They have been fabulous helping her in her transition into nursery life and made her feel settled and happy. She is coming on leaps and bounds in her speaking and overall development.

Alison, mum to Grace, 2 years old

Apple Tree Nursery is a very well organized nursery with the well being of the children a top priority. The communication with parents is excellent (via newsletters, noticeboard, and the daily information sheets). Staff is helpful and approachable. Activities are well organized with a current theme project. The wall displays are ever-changing with the children’s own work and plenty of artwork is brought home too. My daughter Nefeli who graduated last year from bookworms class with Mrs. Nicola Delaney as class leader talked constantly about her teacher and her class activity. She has made friends with both younger and older children. With painting, writing, coloring, roleplay and multiple daily outdoor activities, it is no wonder my daughter wanted to come to nursery every day. Her first words of the day were usually ‘Is it a Nursery day?’ and in her own words meant ‘It’s lovely.” This year my youngest daughter Natalie is following in her big sister’s footsteps by attending the Butterflies class with Mrs. Nelda Esteron as class leader. Not only does my daughter enjoy her time but her vocabulary has increased greatly and my husband and I feel that this is due to the staff and the activities provided. We are confident and happy in leaving her every day in their very competent care.

Marianna and Demetrios, parents to Nathalie, 17 months old

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