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Mission Statement

The longest established British pre-school in Qatar, CESK pre-school is licensed by the Ministry of Social Services. We cater to children from two months to four years. We care about children! Our Aims:

  • To provide high quality education for children from two months to four years. Learning through play plays a huge role in our philosophy.
  • To create a safe, caring and stimulating environment where each child can develop their potential, whilst becoming independent and active learners. We have a child-centred approach, where children are respected as individuals and encouraged to learn and develop at their own pace.
  • To provide clear boundaries in terms of acceptable behaviour, develop children’s moral understanding and use encouragement and praise as rewards for good behaviour.
  • To build each child’s self-esteem together with mutual care and respect for others. Value each child as an individual with its own needs and personality.
  • To encourage a positive attitude with respect towards racial origins, religions, differences of gender and disabilities within the nursery environment by practicing our equal opportunities policy.
  • To increase awareness of each child’s place within both the local and global community through trips within our local area and by hosting regular visitors.
  • To expose children to a variety of experiences to encourage creativity & individuality and to develop self-confidence.
  • Aim to provide the highest standards, based on best practices and be committed to continuous improvement through the development of our staff.
  • To be fair and understanding employers.

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General Information

  • Area of Doha

    Al Waab

  • Phone

    +974 4413-5675

  • Mobile

    +974 5502-8272

  • Email

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  • Website

  • Close to CESK Pre-School

    Doha College, The American School of Doha, Qatar Decoration Roundabout and the Teyseer Petrol Station.

  • GPS Coordinates

    25.268953, 51.477255

  • Schools close to CESK Pre-School

    American School of Doha, Doha British School, Doha College Primary School, German School Doha and Newton British School

  • Nationality of Management

    British - the same management for over 20 years

  • Nursery Curriculum

    British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

  • Also on Doha Family

    Nursery Directory

  • We’re social!

    Follow us on Facebook

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Admission & Attendance

  • Ages of Children Admitted

    From two months to four years

  • Cost

    A full fees schedule is available on our website.

  • Nursery Fees payment schedule

    Per term

  • Registration fee

    QR1,500 (only payable when a place is available and is accepted)

  • Application procedure

    The CESK application is available at CESK or on the CESK website.

  • Average length of waiting list

    On going registrations when places become available due to children moving up, starting “big” school or leaving the country. Our waiting lists fluctuate so exact waiting times cannot be estimated.

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Hours & Schedule

  • Hours of nursery

    6:30am - 2:00pm

  • Full-time care available

    Yes, upon request and at an additional cost

  • Nursery Schedule options

    Two, three, four or five days per week. Part time for creche children available

  • Naps

    If required - we provide a separate napping area.

  • Summer sessions offered


  • Nursery Holidays

    As per major British schools in Doha, Park House English School, Doha College, DESS

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Classroom & Teacher Information

  • Training & Education for teachers

    Fully trained in EYFS - Key Personnel CPR/First Aid trained (certified by Red Crescent Society) and fire/accident prevention. CESK is proud to have a low staff turnover rate!

  • Training & Education for teacher’s assistants

    In-house training

  • Languages spoken by teachers

    English, Spanish, French and Arabic

  • Languages spoken and/or taught to children

    English with Arabic classes

  • Size of classes & number of teachers

    Dependant on age - all classes have a class teacher with at least one full-time class assistant.

  • Extra-curricular activities

    CESK provides weekly structured PE, music, music & movement and ICT lessons as part of the curriculum. CESK also has regular “Family Afternoon Teas” when the weather is suitable.

  • Do the children watch TV/videos?


  • If yes, how frequently and for how long?

    Once weekly for limited time unless it is a curriculum-based programme.

  • Are webcams available for parents to view their children online?

    Yes, for registered parents

  • List of after-hours and weekend babysitters available?

    Yes, we are always happy to source babysitters and other activities, teachers etc. for parents.

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More about CESK

ICT (Information & Communication technology): Technology is part of children’s everyday lives. It should therefore form a vital part of their education from the very beginning. ICT does not just mean computers! ICT is used everyday in CESK and in all areas of learning. The use of CD players in music and movement and at story time, during role play using telephones and other such equipment, tape recorders are used and also cameras and video equipment. CESK has multiple computers and iPads for the children’s use.

Other Questions

  • Grassy play area


  • Shaded outdoor play area


  • Dedicated indoor play area


  • Are snacks supplied for the children?


  • Are lunches supplied for the children?


  • Are the lunches (from the lunchboxes) heated for the children?

    For creche children only

  • Nut policy

    No nuts!

  • Other food policies, if any

    We have a Healthy Food policy.

  • Birthday Policy

    Parents can bring in a cake and gifts and birthdays are celebrated during snack time with their class (NO NUT policy for cakes/treats and no fizzy drinks)

  • Are cloth diapers accepted?


  • Are diapers and wipes supplied?


  • Do you offer Islamic studies?

    Available for Muslim children in all Explorer classes

  • Do you have a full-time nurse on staff?

    CESK has two full-time qualified nurses on staff.

  • Do you accept Special Needs students?

    Dependent on disability

  • Do you assist with potty training?



My daughter has started to speak English confidently after two months of joining CESK and her big brother has done that even earlier. So, I have to speed up my English learning. FYI, we’re from Indonesia and we’re very delighted with CESK

Arum Rachman Achmad

*C: Care about your child like their own children

*E: Education skill best ever

*S: Smile is on every face

*K: Knowledgeable team handling your child

*That’s what CESK is all about.

Mirna Younes

Care about your child like their own children, Education skill best ever, Smile is on every face, knowledgeable team handling your child

Philip and Vanessa Emslie

Both of my children spent time at CESK before moving on to Infant School and I couldn’t have asked for a better place for them to be. The staff at CESK provided a caring, safe and stimulating environment for my children to develop in- not only do my girls have a fun time, they have a fun time learning! CESK offered my children a great start to school life and I have recommended it to many other happy parents over the years.

Sara Morris-Jordan

Honor absolutely loved going to CESK. Every morning I dropped her off she would be smiling and calling out her teachers’ names! The care the staff offered was fantastic and certainly showed in the children’s happiness. Honor always came home with very colourful paintings, drawings or some craft that they had done that day. A great place to send your child a very happy and friendly atmosphere.

Natasha Nicholson

I am proud to say that I have known this school for almost 16 years and it has always been known as a good school here in Doha. All my children attended CESK and have always been pleased. The owner of the school has always been attentive as to meet the parents’ needs. The staff have always been great and the children happy. I will always recommend the school - it’s a great school. I have been pleased all these years.

Dedie Obaidan

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