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Mission Statement

Creativity means having the power or quality to express yourself in your own way. Children are naturally creative.

Creative Child aims to help children to develop their potential in a creative and nurturing environment that promotes confidence and love for learning. Our unique curriculum is based on active learning and it fosters the emotional, physical, social and cognitive needs of children. Providing a stimulating and professional preschool experience, Creative Child prepares children aged 12 months to 4 years old for the school years.

Creative Child promotes active learning through many different activities where children attain direct and immediate experience while they are doing what they like to do best: playing. Our well-balanced program, dedicated teachers, outstanding facilities and adequate resources provide a nurturing environment, which allows children to use their creativity and discover the world.

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General Information

  • Phone

    +974 6679-7008
    +974 4479-5916
    +974 4411-7829

  • Email

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  • Website

  • Area of Doha

    Al Duhail

  • GPS Coordinates

    25.350000, 51.469722

  • Close to Creative Child Nursery

    Landmark Mall, College of North Atlantic

  • Schools close to Creative Child Nursery

    ACS Doha, Lycee Voltaire, Compass Madinat Khalifa, Doha College West Bay, Doha English Speaking School, Gulf English Private School, International School of Choueifat-Doha, Newton International School Lagoon, Qatar Canadian School and SEK

  • Nationality of Management


  • Nursery Curriculum

    EYFS (early years foundation stage) which has been inspired by Reggio Emilia Approach

  • Also on Doha Family

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  • We’re social!

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Admission & Attendance

  • Ages of Children Admitted

    Two months to four years old

  • Cost

    Please come visit Creative Child for information regarding our fees.

  • Nursery Fees payment schedule

    Monthly or Termly

  • Registration fee


  • Application procedure

    We suggest that parents visit Creative Child and take a tour to see our wonderful facilities and meet our staff. Prospect parents are invited to visit us from Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 11 am. Then a quick tour form is completed. Registration forms, documents, and payments are only required when your child has been offered a space.

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Hours & Schedule

  • Hours of nursery

    6:00am - 5:00pm

  • Full-time care available

    Extended care available from 6:30 am until 4 pm at an additional cost

  • Nursery Schedule options

    Five, four, three and two days per week

  • Naps

    After lunch, all kids will be encouraged to have quiet/ nap time

  • Typical Daily Schedule
    • 7:30am - 8:00am - Arrival time, registration and morning greetings
    • Large group time (10-20 minutes a day)
    • Small group time (10-15 minutes a day).
    • Free play
    • Outdoor play
    • Transition time
    • Eating and resting times
    • Departure time goes from 1:00 to 1:30 pm.
    • After school activities: Language classes – Arabic, Spanish and French are offered. Yoga lessons are also offered as part of the program during a specific time of the year free of charge.
    • Extra paid activities we offer include ​Taekwondo and Monkeynastix​ classes for an additional fee.
  • Summer sessions offered


  • Nursery Holidays

    Qatar National Holidays (Eid, Qatar National Day, National Sports Day), Winter Break and Spring Break

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Classroom & Teacher Information

  • Training & Education for teachers

    CPR, college degree, first aid, fundamentals of the High Scope curriculum and experience working with young children. Creative Child home training is conducted every term.

  • Training & Education for teacher’s assistance

    CPR, first aid and experience working with young children. Creative Child home training is conducted every year.

  • Languages spoken by teachers

    English as a first and second language

  • Languages spoken and/or taught to children

    English plus a language class of Arabic, French or Spanish

  • Size of classes & number of teachers
    • 18-24 months classroom (one adult to four children)
    • 25-32 months classroom (one adult to six children)
    • 36 months classroom (one adult to seven children)
  • Extra-curricular activities

    Yoga, Arabic, French, and Spanish are all offered free of charge. We also offer Monkeynastix at an additional cost. (Coaches and equipment provided by SFQ)

  • Do the children watch TV/videos?


  • Educational Program

    Creative Child is more than a traditional daycare; Creative Child follows the best educational practices to ensure our children are ready for the next big step: “big school” while learning through play.

  • Exclusive Multilingual Program

    Creative child aims to promote a unique multilingual atmosphere where multilingual families and children feel comfortable. We are eager to provide parents with opportunities to reinforce a native language or be exposed to a new one through our additional language classes of Arabic, French and Spanish.

  • Parental Involvement

    At Creative Child we see our team as an extension of your family. The partnership between the parents and the school is essential to ensure our mutual goal: the best foundation for your child’s future.

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More about Creative Child

  • Special Events

    At Creative Child we have exciting events and parties happening every month. Costume and Pretend-Play Days, Planting and Picnic Day, International Potluck, just to name a few.

  • Our Indoor and Outdoor Facilities Include
    • Seven beautiful and spacious classrooms with a lot of natural light
    • Water play tables and Sensory tables
    • Well-equipped Academic Resource Room
    • Library with more 1800 children’s books
    • Quality educational toys and a variety of open-ended material to stimulate the young minds

Other Information

  • Grassy play area:

    We have a beautiful and fully equipped large garden.

  • Shaded outdoor play area

    The playground, the sandpit, and the water play areas are shaded. We also have a special shaded area for some gardening, as a part of their curriculum. Much of our grassy garden is shaded due to buildings and tree shadows, too.

  • Dedicated indoor play area

    Two large colorful indoor play areas, including soft-play and mini-kitchen. We have a spacious and colorful indoor playground for each section also dramatic play and Gross motor skills equipment area.

  • Are snacks supplied for the children?


  • Are lunches supplied for the children?


  • Are the lunches (from the lunchboxes) heated for the children?


  • Nut policy

    We have a “no nuts” and “no chocolate” policy.

  • Other food policies, if any:

    We encourage children to bring healthy snacks and lunches. Fast food like McDonald’s, KFC, donuts or chips are not welcome in the nursery. We also have a Nutritionist available.

  • Birthday policy

    Parents may only bring in healthy food for birthday celebrations (no sweets or treats); There is a Birthday policy form that has to be filled and approved prior to any birthday party.

  • Are cloth diapers accepted?


  • Are diapers and wipes supplied?


  • Do you offer Islamic studies?


  • Do you have a Full-Time Nurse on staff

    Our full-time nurse makes the daily rounds to monitor the wellness of our children and is responsible for the management of the safety, sanitation and emergency procedures. We also have a visiting Doctor who is doing short lectures on good health practices.

  • Do you accept special needs students?


  • Do you assist with Potty Training

    If your child is going to start potty-training during the year we will be pleased to help you during this important step in your child’s life.


I have been a part of the Creative Child Nursery “family” for the past 5 years. My oldest started at the age of 15 months, my second child started at the same age, and my youngest began at the age of 7 months. I love the nursery’s student-led learning approach. I love how the nursery is open and spacious and full of color, light, and life. I love the attention to cleanliness, for both hygienic and aesthetic reasons. I love how genuinely welcoming and caring the staff is, and it means such a great deal to me to have them great my child by name and inquire about my other children (who are no longer even attending the nursery!). I love that there is a nurse on staff who is diligent on checking on the children and is a resource of information. I love the nursery’s commitment to multilingual education. These reasons are enough to make me secure in my choice for this nursery for my children. But this is not why I chose Creative Child for my children nor why I recommend it to my friends and others. My choice of Creative Child Nursery is based upon my children’s experience. All 3 of them have enjoyed going to nursery, have become attached to their teachers, developed playmates, and have built the foundation of a love of learning. My youngest, who is almost 2 years old and still at Creative Child, LOVES his experience. His first words were “In the car!” which is what we say when it is time to go to school. He runs to the door to be put into the car and just can’t wait to be at school. Weekends and holidays can be tragic for him because he loves his nursery experience so much.
It can be heart-wrenching to put your child in nursery, but seeing the joy my children have experienced and seeing how much they have learned (both “academically” and more importantly, socially), I can’t imagine a better place for my children to be. I feel confident that while my children are at Creative Child, they are in a caring, safe, nurturing environment. Thank you for all that you have done for and with my children.

Elena Lopez Koury, Rami’s Mom (2 years old)

Our daughter, Marie Clare, who is two years old, has been attending Creative Child since she was one. As parents, one of the most important decisions we faced was finding a childcare option that would provide the love and care when my husband and I could not. Creative Child has given us the peace of mind knowing that while we are away from Marie Clare, she is loved, she is safe and secure and she is learning experientially! Creative Child has exceeded our expectations in these areas and we feel so very fortunate to have the Creative Child family in our life! Marie Clare LOVES to go to school each and every morning. She loves her teachers who are each amazing along with the friends she has made; we truly love them too! It feels good to have our ‘baby’ nearly drag us out of the house in the morning so she can go “play at school”. Thank you for all that you do, each and every day!

Charlotte & Aubrey, Marie Clare’s parents (2 1/2 years old)

My husband and I are very happy that we chose Creative Child as our nursery for our daughter. The first impression was made when Sofia took us on a school tour and was very patient in explaining to us everything we needed to know from format of teaching, to healthy food options and also showing us the classrooms and activities the children do. The first few weeks were rough for our daughter but you made it a point to listen to our desire to help her overcome her anxiety. She has gone a long way now and is back to her bubbly old self. Our daughter’s third birthday was made special with a huge greeting at the door and a sash which made her feel special. As a parent I also got a first hand experience on how fun the classroom activities are and the effort and care given by Ms. Pari, Ms. Dina, Ms. Felmary and Ms. Jannie. Another bonus that you have done for us this year are the classroom photos. We get to see our kids in action. We also appreciate the open communication and emails you send us to update us constantly. Keep up the good work Creative Child team! We are looking forward to more of your family day activities in the future!

Kristine Tantengco, Bianca’s mom (3 years old)

My experience in creative child is very good. My daughter is more than happy to come at the nursery and this is the best thing that a parent can ask. She started last year in January when she was 1 year old and now she is enjoying more all the activities. I am very satisfied and I consider this nursery as a big family!!!!

Cristina Nemaz, Linda’s mom (1 year old)

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