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Mission Statement

Our vision is to establish and sustain a culture and reputation of excellence in child care at Daffodils Nursery and be a preferred choice for all parents seeking early education for children up to 4 years of age. We offer both International and British curriculums and are dedicated to providing a secure, caring, and stimulating environment to help tender young children take essential early steps towards positive emotional, intellectual and social development. Equipped with experienced staff, international learning tools and methodologies, as well as state of the art infrastructure, the nursery has been very successful since opening. We have been consistently able to get our graduating children placed in the best schools in Doha based on merit. We have a dedicated leadership team, a team of trained and experienced teachers, teaching assistants, and we are supported by a full time nurse and a visiting doctor to take care of the well-being of the little ones. Staff are trained regularly in Fire Safety & First Aid.

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General Information

  • Phone

    +974 4466-4573

  • Mobile

    +974 3315-7725

  • Email

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  • Website

  • Area of Town

    Old Airport

  • GPS Coordinates for Nursery

    25.252313, 51.544531

  • Close to Daffodils Nursery

    Lulu Hypermarket and The Mall

  • Schools close to Daffodils Nursery

    German School Doha, Pearling Season International School, Newton International School D-Ring Road, Kings College and American Academy

  • Nationality of Management


  • Nursery Curriculum

    International and British

  • Also on Doha Family

    Nursery Directory

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Admission & Attendance

  • Ages of children admitted

    From 1.5 to four years old

  • Cost

    Please contact us for further details

  • Nursery Fees Payment Schedule

    Fees can be paid monthly or termly.

  • Registration fee


  • Application procedure

    Please call, email or visit the nursery.

  • Average length of waiting list

    One month minimum

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Hours & Schedule

  • Hours of Nursery

    6.30am until 4.30pm. Within this time we have various sessions and times available.

  • Full-time care available

    6:30 am to 4:30 pm

  • Nursery Schedule Options

    Five days per week.

  • Naps

    A separate room is available for different age groups.

  • Summer sessions offered


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Classroom & Teacher Information

  • Training & Education For Teachers

    CPR, college degree and first aid

  • Training & Education For Teacher’s Assistants

    CPR and first aid

  • Languages spoken by teachers

    English, Arabic and French

  • Languages spoken and/or taught to children

    English (Compulsory), Arabic and French (Optional)

  • Size of classes & number of teachers

    Maximum of twenty children per class with one teacher and two assistants

  • Extra-curricular activities

    Music, art, educational games & simulations

  • Do the children watch TV/videos?

    Yes, for educational purposes only.

  • If yes, how frequently and for how long?

    Based on schedule

  • Are webcams available for parents to view their children online?


  • List of after-hours & weekend babysitters available?


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Other Questions

  • Grassy play area

    Yes, we have a new large outdoor grassy area.

  • Shaded outdoor play area

    Yes, a large outdoor space is available

  • Dedicated indoor play area

    Yes, a separate soft play area and an indoor play area are available. There is also an Exercise Room, Library and IT Learning Room.

  • Are snacks supplied for the children?


  • Are lunches supplied for the children?


  • Are the lunches (from the lunchboxes) heated for the children?


  • Nut policy

    We have a no nut policy

  • Other food policies, if any

    No junk food or chocolate. We have a Healthy Eating Policy.

  • Birthday policy

    We have a Birthday Policy.

  • Are cloth diapers accepted?


  • Are diapers and wipes supplied?


  • Do you offer Islamic Studies?


  • Do you have a full-time nurse on staff?


  • Do you accept Special Needs students?


  • Do you assist with potty training?



This is to express our sincere gratitude to all of Naomi’s teachers and all the supporting staff of Daffodils. Naomi has been in Daffodils for almost 10 months now. She enjoys her school life very much. As parents we found her improvement in many ways like eating, learning, confident in herself, understanding and mixing with new friends. The love, care and supports she received in Daffodils are the best gifts she can get which will positively influence her future life. We as parents especially want to thank teachers of Daffodils Ms. Simi and Ms. Lizze. Also, I want to thank Ms. Christina she has always been helpful. They not only took good care of Naomi and taught her a lot of things but also gave us very helpful advice. We benefited a lot from their expertise of early child education. Their love, care and patience reflect well on Naomi. Naomi loves Daffodils very much. Tanu & Jiya are her best friends……she happily talks about them & about the school at home I am sure she will definitely miss them as well as Daffodils.

Reena Lewis January 21, 2016

When we enrolled our daughter Palak in Daffodils we were not very sure considering other available options. But right on day one, all our doubts vanished. Palak always carries an excitement to go to Daffodils and that’s a great delight for us. Daffodils has contributed to Palak’s overall development absolutely matching our expectations or rather exceeding it. The personal care by teachers, friendly and progressive facilities installed by Daffodils management, regular updates to parents, continuous thrive to upgrade themselves and regular feedback system are key strategies which in our opinion would help Daffodils to reach the sky of success. We take this opportunity to thank you most profoundly and to express to you our sincere best wishes in all your future endeavours. Thanks & Regards

Kamalpreet January 20, 2016

Dear Daffodils team, While searching for the most kid friendly nursery, we happened to come across Daffodils and we are thankful we chose this nursery for our child. Aaron was an introvert when it came to meeting people before he joined Daffodils. He was always very bright and fast at grasping things. So more than academics, we wanted Aaron to be more social and learn to mingle with other children. Today Aaron is a very happy and socially active child and thanks to the entire staff at Daffodils especially Ms. Shibani & Ms. Neha, Also special thanks to Ms. Kokila during the summer camp, Aaron still remembers the water activities, Ms. Tania and Ms. Christiana for your love and warmth. Thank you all for making Aaron’s first school experience a happy and memorable one. We are completely satisfied with the way our child has evolved and we are happy his stepping stone was Daffodils. Very soon he will move on to a big school and we will miss the love and care that Aaron was so used to getting at Daffodils. We highly recommend Daffodils nursery to all the parents in Doha. All the best Daffodils.

Deepa & Rajen (Aaron Gomes’s parents) January 18, 2016

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