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Mission Statement

PreScholars Nursery is committed to educating and caring for young children, by providing them with a healthy environment to learn and prosper while developing their independence. PreScholars Nursery perceives all children as integral, virtuous, and influential members of the community. We acknowledge that the family is the fundamental core of each child’s life, thus we hold in high regard each family’s uniqueness and distinctive needs. Alongside an exciting education, we aim to advance each child’s identity and social competence. Throughout our curriculum, we cultivate structural, lifelong principles such as individuality, respect, responsibility, compassion, self-respect, confidence and friendly competitiveness to develop a healthy, well-rounded, and successful child. PreScholars Nursery believes that children have a natural disposition and an innate curiosity for learning, and by proficiently nurturing their anxiousness to learn, their intrigued nature will evolve into a continuous love of learning.

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General Information

  • Area of Doha

    Al Azizya

  • Phone

    +974 4446-8520
    +974 5557-2533

  • Email

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  • Website

  • Close to PreScholars Nursery

    Villaggio Mall

  • GPS Coordinates

    25.243691, 51.449005

  • Schools close to PreScholars Nursery

    Compass Al Rayyan, Doha College Primary School, Newton British School, Park House English School, Sherborne School and Doha British School

  • Nationality of Management

    South African

  • Nursery Curriculum

    British EYFS

  • Also on Doha Family

    Nursery Directory

  • We’re social!

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Admission & Attendance

  • Ages of Children Admitted

    From two months to four years old.

  • Registration fee


  • Application procedure

    All required registrations forms should be completed and all required documents should be attached and submitted along with the registration fee to secure a space at PreScholars Nursery. Our Registration Pack is available at the nursery reception or on our website. We encourage all families to come in and visit us before registering their child at PreScholars.

  • Nursery Fees payment schedule

    Monthly or by the term

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Hours & Schedule Information

  • Hours of nursery

    6:30am to 2:30pm

  • Is full-time (all day) care available for working parents?

    Yes. Late Owls available from 2:30pm to 5:00pm daily at an additional cost

  • Nursery Schedule options

    Options for two, three, four or five days per week

  • Naps

    Offered in a separate room

  • Summer sessions offered


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Classroom & Teacher Information

  • Size of classes
    • 3-4 years 1:10
    • 2-3 years 1:6
    • 1-2 years 1:4 or 1:5
    • 2 months to walking 1:3
  • Training & Education for teachers

    College degree, CPR and first aid

  • Training & Education for teacher’s assistants

    All our staff are qualified in their specific positions. All our Teacher Assistants have previous experience working in nursery settings. We are a new nursery and all staff will attend first aid and CPR training.

  • Languages spoken by teachers

    Arabic, Afrikaans, English and Spanish

  • Languages spoken and/or taught to children

    Arabic and English

  • Do the children watch TV/videos?

    Only when applicable related to a theme, not regularly as we have a no TV policy. Videos will be viewed on other multimedia devices.

  • Extra-Curricular activities offered

    Pilates is offered during nursery hours at no extra cost

  • Are webcams available for parents to view their children online?


  • List of after-hours & weekend babysitters available?


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Other Questions

  • Grassy play area

    Soft flooring - Outdoor pour on

  • Shaded outdoor play area

    Our outdoor play area is fully shaded

  • Dedicated indoor play area

    We have a padded gym area

  • Are snacks supplied for the children?


  • Are lunches supplied for the children?


  • Nut policy

    We have a no nuts policy

  • Other food policies

    We have a healthy eating policy

  • Birthday policy

    We celebrate each birthday individually. Cupcakes may be brought into school to celebrate a child’s birthday however each child is allowed one cupcake.

  • Are cloth diapers accepted?


  • Are diapers and wipes supplied?


  • Do you offer Islamic studies?


  • Do you have a full-time nurse on staff?


  • Do you accept Special Needs students?


  • Do you assist with potty training?



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