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The Children’s Library

When we opened back in 2010 we were so excited to have 300 books. Now we have more than 8,000 books...
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Hundreds throng the Doha Mums Summer Market

The Doha Mums Summer Market was held in June 2010 and brought together already-popular Doha artisans with brnad new vendors...
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Doha Mums to start children’s library

Though currently an amazing facility with more than fully catalogued 8,000 books the Doha Mums Children's Library had very humble beginnings. Three volunteers took...
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“Mums the Word” for Doha Mums

Victoria Scott stops in for a coffee to meet a few Doha Mums - and writes a great article about our...
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Reaching Out – a Woman Today article by Nadia Ismail

Doha Mums founder Roxanne Davis and other Doha Mums members discuss the history of the group and what it means...
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