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Membership Guidelines

  • Requirements for providing real name and mobile

    We are a community of mums that meets both online and offline. Unlike other websites that allow anonymity, we require members to use their real name (first and last) on our secure, private website. Members who are not providing this information will be requested to change it and will be provided with a timeline to avoid membership suspension. Members must also provide their mobile numbers so we can contact them as needed.

    • Privacy

      We take member privacy very seriously. With that in mind, do not harvest personal information for business (or other) purposes. Do not provide your login information to others or show information from the forum or the member roster to non-members. Violating these important rules may result in the immediate removal from the group; membership fees are not refunded if this occurs.

      • What's said on the forum stays on the forum

        Do not forward messages outside the group without the expressed permission of the author(s). If you feel that someone has a "right/need to know", then please contact the Group Administrator. Violating this important rule may result in the immediate removal from the group; membership fees are not refunded if this occurs.

        • Anonymous messages

          Members may post anonymously about sensitive topics. Examples may include but are not limited to marital counseling, plastic surgery, impending international moves, changes of employment and mental health issues. Moderators may reject anonymous posts without explanation if they do not appear to meet the sensitive topic requirement.  
          Anonymous posts are entirely anonymous, and we have no way of contacting the member to explain why a topic was rejected. Therefore, we recommend that you explain the need for anonymity if is not obvious. For example, if you are looking for a high-risk obstetrician but you are not ready to announce your pregnancy, just explain that you are in the early stages of your pregnancy when you post the anonymous message. When in doubt, ask a moderator or administrator - we will maintain your confidentiality.
          • Classified ads

            Please use the Classifieds section of the member site to advertise your items for sale. Exceptions are made for "time sensitive" items that have a two-day window. For example, if a member needs to sell tickets for a Friday concert she may post them to the forum on Wednesday. Otherwise the Classifieds should be used. Classified ads for friends will be deleted, including available villas, garage sales and autos for sale. If listing your husband's mobile in a Classified ad please note this in your ad.

            • Ads for "available jobs"

              To keep the forum from being overrun with "jobs available ads" we allow them to be posted in conjunction with a QR500 donation to the Doha Mums Children's Library. 100% of the donation goes toward books, furniture, library supplies and the general operations of the library. Please contact the library for more information.

              • Are you a member who wants to advertise your business?

                You are welcome to advertise your business for FREE on the private Doha Mums forum. However, please see the Member-Owned Business guidelines for the specific procedures.

                • Negative reviews of a local business, school, etc.

                  When posting a negative review on our private website, the reason for the negative review must be fully explained. Out of fairness to the service provider, please do not list "contact me for details" as the reason for a negative review.

                  • Online disagreements - what to do

                    If you are offended by a particular post or feel it is inappropriate, please call it to the Administrator's and Moderators' attention checking the "flag" button in the message/comment. The posting will be discussed amongst the Administrators and Moderators and handled according to their consensus. When responding to another member's request for information or opinions, keep your comments objective and constructive. It is perfectly acceptable to disagree, but please do so respectfully. While acceptable in other online forums, our discussion forum is not a place for snarky comments. Members should refrain from any personal attacks or the use of profanity and should conduct always themselves with courtesy and respect at all times. This applies in the general forum, TentMail (private messages), and personal e-mails arising from forum topics. Please take the higher road and walk away when potentially inflammatory topics arise. If you receive an inappropriate message, even privately, please contact an Administrator or Moderator rather than responding to the message.

                    • Violations of group guidelines

                      For the first gross violation of the Group Guidelines (as determined by the Moderators), a member will be removed from the group for one month, at which point she can contact the Moderators to be reinstated. A second gross violation of the Group Guidelines results in permanent removal from the group. Especially eggregious violations may result in immediate membership termination.

                      • No "junk" on the forum

                        Do not post the following types of emails: Jokes; links to videos, unless they are truly parenting-related (e.g. carseat safety); "Facebook fear stories" that are too good/bad/scary to be true; religious comments or comments on any theological beliefs; comments denigrating an religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, country of origin or lifestyle choice.

                        • Membership fee refunds

                          The Doha Mums membership fees are not transferable or refundable for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to a member's anticipated or unanticipated move from Qatar, a member's desire to end her membership or the termination of her membership by the administrators.

                          • RSVP policy

                            A firm RSVP policy applies to certain events (generally hotel/restaurant events) and is clearly stated in those events; the RSVP policy may also be applied for member-hosted events such as playgroups. Members who no-show to these events must pay for the event as well as pay a QR20 "no-show" fee to the Doha Mums Children's Library. The payment must be made in person by the member who did not turn up or late-cancelled and must be done during a regularly-scheduled library opening day and time; it cannot be paid to a coordinator outside of library hours and may not be paid by a friend. The member is responsible for keeping track of her schedule and the events to which she RSVPd, and the member is responsible for adhering to the policy regardless of whether or not the coordinator sends event reminders.

                            • No drama

                              If you are repeatedly disruptive to the forum, to other members or to the lives of the Administratrors and Moderators you may be placed on moderated status or removed from the group. The Administrator and Moderators may (or may not) issue a warning to anyone who violates these guidelines. Individuals violating these guidelines may be subject to moderation or membership suspension/termination.

                              • Things change

                                These guidelines may be revised from time to time as the need arises. Please contact the Administrator and Moderators if you have any questions or concerns.

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