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The New Age of Bookworms

The final location of the Doha Mums Children's Library has allowed us to expand our collection to more than 6,000 books. Take a look at our gorgeous library in this article.

Media Coverage 01-Nov-2013 by Doha Mums

Have we got a Children’s Library for you!

The Doha Mums Library has finally found a permanent location. With more than 6,000 books it's easy to see why it outgrew the old space at Doha Players. Not only is it growing bigger, it is also growing up.

Blog 16-Oct-2013 by Doha Mums

Ramadan with Children in Qatar

Ramadan is huge. For non-Muslims to appreciate the significance, think of it as Lent, Christmas and Easter wrapped into one. And here in Qatar the children’s festival Garangao, like a touch of Halloween, is thrown in as well.

Blog 29-Jun-2013 by Doha Mums

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