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Covid-19 Vaccine Drive Gets Bigger

Announcements 17-Jan-2021 by Doha Mums

Doha: Teachers and adults above 50 years will fall in the second group for Covid-19 vaccination in Qatar. The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) today launched a link on their website, where citizens and residents can register their desire to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. 
As per the website the first group for vaccination includes healthcare workers, all adults above 60 years, essential first responders from Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense.
First Group
•    All adults age 60 years and older
•    Older adults at long-term care facilities/home care
•    People with severe or multiple chronic conditions that put them at highest risk; priority for those 50 years old and above
•    Healthcare workers who work at Covid-19 facilities and isolation facilities
•    Healthcare workers providing care for patients at in ICU/long-term care facilities/home care
•    Essential first responders/workers (EMS Emergency Medical Service, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, Oil& Gas Sector)
•    Teachers and Healthcare workers at high risk due to age or chronic conditions
•    Public Health Teams involved with contact tracing
Second Group
•    All adults 50-59 years old
•    Adults of any age who have medical conditions that put them at higher risk of having severe disease
•    Any healthcare workers and essential workers
•    Teachers

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