Terms of Use


Because Doha Mums is comprised of “known mums”, our Discussion Forum guidelines are somewhat different than those of other online groups in which you may have participated. Our focus is on providing a positive, supportive atmosphere in which members can exchange information and our guidelines are intended to help us provide this for our members.

Do not forward messages outside the group without the express permission of the author(s). If you feel that someone has a "right/need to know", then please contact the Group Administrator. Violating this important rule will be grounds for immediate removal from the group.
With that in mind, do not harvest members' personal information for business purposes, regardless of whether it is your business or a business owned by someone else. Violating this important rule will be grounds for immediate removal from the group.
Do not provide your login information to others or show information from the forum or the member roster to non-members.
Examples may include but are not limited to marital counseling, plastic surgery, impending international moves and mental health issues. Moderators may reject anonymous posts without explanation if they do not appear to meet the sensitive topic requirement. Anonymous posts are entirely anonymous, and we have no way of contacting you to explain why your topic was rejected.Therefore, if you have a topic that upon first glance may not seem sensitive, please explain your need for anonymity. For example, if you are looking for a high-risk obstetrician but you are not ready to announce your pregnancy, just explain this in your post. When in doubt, ask a moderator or administrator - we will maintain your confidentiality.
Please use the Classifieds section of the member site to advertise your items for sale.
Please see our guidelines for advertising your business to the group in the Own a Business? page of our website.
The reason for the negative review must be fully explained. Out of fairness to the service provider, please do not list "contact me for details" as the reason for a negative review.
If you are offended by a particular post or feel it is inappropriate, please call it to the Administrator's and Moderators' attention checking the "flag" button in the message/comment. The posting will be discussed amongst the Administrators and Moderators and handled according to their consensus.
It is perfectly acceptable to disagree, but please do so respectfully. While acceptable in other online forums, our Discussion Forum is not a place for snarky comments.