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Welcome to Doha Mums!

Doha Mums is a thriving community of passionate mums from all over the world.  Our private forum is your best source of advice and support for life in Doha, and our calendar is bursting with fun activities.  Join us for a playgroup, spa day, cooking class, Mums Night Out or meet up for a coffee, a chat and a giggle.

Welcome to Doha - and we'll look forward to meeting you at one of our events very soon!


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Fast answers

  • Where do I pay for the Deals Card?

    Where do I pay for the Deals Card?

    All Deals Card purchases are made online

    If you do not have a credit card please feel free to ask a friend to do it for you on your behalf.

  • How do I pay the membership fees?

    How do I pay the membership fees?

    Membership fees for Doha Mums are QR150 (US$42) per year and are paid online.  You can download the instructions for online payment here. You are welcome to have a friend make the payment on your behalf, regardless of whether or not that person is a member of Doha Mums.

    Certain members or event coordinators may be willing to make the transaction for you in exchange for the QR150 in cash, plus a QR20 "convenience fee". While we sincerely doubt that there would be any problems with transactions made by a member or coordinator on your behalf, Doha Mums is not responsible for any loss, theft or misunderstanding that might result from these transactions.

  • How do I join the Doha Mums Children’s Library?

    How do I join the Doha Mums Children’s Library?

    The library is available exclusively to members of Doha Mums. Once you have joined the group you will be able to RSVP to a library session on our private website. The annual fee must be paid in cash (bring exact change please) at the session, at which time a library car will be issued.

  • What are the fees for overdue books?

    What are the fees for overdue books?

    Overdue book fees are charged at 50dh per book per day with a maximum late fee of QR40 per book. 

    It is the members responsibility to remember the due date and the books that were borrowed. It is not the responsibility of the library volunteers to remind the member, and not receiving a "books coming due" notice does not absolve the member of the fees that are due. 

  • Are members required to host playgroups?

    Are members required to host playgroups?

    Members are not required to host playgroups, but we do hope you will enjoy attending them enough that you decide to do so. 

    The playgroup need not be at your home - you can organize a “playgroup” at the park, an indoor play area or other locations around Doha.

    Organizing a playgroup at a public venue can involve little more than scheduling the event on our online calendar and being on the lookout for new members at the event - it is very easy!


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