About Us

Doha Mums is your best excuse for enjoying life in Doha!

We are a lively community of passionate mothers who come together to celebrate all things family. Formed in November 2008, Doha Mums has exploded forth onto the expat social scene – bringing laughter, fun, surprises and joy to hundreds of moms and their families. Our 1,200+ members are from more than 100 different countries, and each one brings something special to this unique group. A variety of backgrounds, careers, skills, interests and cultures all blend together to make us one of the most diverse, colourful mothers groups that you could ever hope to experience.

Since the group’s launch we have hosted enjoyed a plethora of regular meetings, coffees, dinners, holiday parties, playgroups, classes and meetups  – all organized by volunteers.  Caring and willing to help, our members discuss all matters of motherhood, days in Doha or just teething, toddlers and teens on our members-only forum.

Informative articles deliver insight and expertise to your very fingertips while our classifieds section is the hub for buying, selling and exchanging your goods and services. Can’t keep up with all of our goings-on? Our calendar keeps track of it all for you!

If you thought the weather was hot then Doha Mums is simply sizzling. Come out and play – the dust never settles in Doha Mums!