Saturday Park Playgroup


Due to the hot and steamy weather this playgroup is postponed until the weather becomes more bearable!

Dahl Al Hamam park boasts a giant shaded playground and there is something for every child to enjoy. Be sure to bring sunscreen, a snack and a beverage for your child. You might want to bring some sand toys if your child enjoys playing in the sand. Many parents bring trikes, scooters, and bikes, too, as the sidewalks are perfect for young riders.

Have an infant who is too young to “play”? Join us anyway – it will give you some much-needed “playtime” with other mums!

Children of all ages are welcome to attend. Playgroup is for mums as much as anything else, so expectant moms and parents of new babies are encouraged to attend as well. Similarly, Dads are welcome to attend – it’s a great way for both parents to socialize.

Prospective members must RSVP via the contact page so we’ll know to expect you – and we strongly suggest that you request the mobile number of the hostess so you can find her at the park. It’s a large park, and if you don’t have her mobile number then you probably won’t be able to find her. (This is important – if you do not find and sign in with the hostess then we cannot verify your attendance!)

Click here to find Dahl Al Hamam Family Park. Look for Nicole at the playground. You can also text/call her at 5503-6358 to figure out where she is in the park. Please be sure to sign in with Nicole or another coordinator at the playgroup!