All Four Countries Restore Ties with Qatar

Addressing the media after the Gulf Summit Saudi Foreign Minister said that all the four countries have agreed to restore ties with Qatar, including flights.

“What happened today at the summit was a complete folding of the dispute with Qatar and a complete return to diplomatic relations. Agreement restores full diplomatic relations between Qatar and the four nations. Extremely pleased that all outstanding issues will go back to normal,” Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud said at the press conference.

Brief points from the Gulf summit:

The Gulf summit confirmed the strengthening of the role of the Gulf Cooperation Council through unifying political positions and developing strategic partnerships.

The states affirmed that no state’s sovereignty be violated or its security targeted.

Al Ula agreement calls for restoring Gulf Cooperation and brotherly ties.The agreement calls for non-interference in internal affairs.

The agreement calls for jointly combating any threats to Gulf Security.

Gulf Summit represents new page for Gulf stability and security.

Enhancing military integration among the GCC states to meet the challenges.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar