How to host family and friends during the FIFA World Cup: SC

In only six months’ time, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be underway. Fans from across the globe will fly into Doha for the tournament, which will be held from November 21 to December 18.

Many thousands of fans are planning to stay with family and friends in Qatar during the event, which will take place at eight stadiums and be the most compact edition of the tournament in modern history.

Every fan traveling to Qatar for the tournament will need to apply for the Hayya digital card. This will act as an entry permit to Qatar and offer a host of benefits, including free public transport on match days. Qatar residents who are planning to attend matches will also need to apply for Hayya.

Local residents who wish to host ticketed family and friends – but not attend matches – do not need to apply for Hayya. Qatari citizens/residents who wish to enter Qatar during the tournament are not required to apply for Hayya.

As part of the Hayya approval process, fans will need to confirm where they are staying during the tournament. If fans are planning to stay with family and friends, their host will need to register their property on the Hayya portal via the Alternative Accommodation tab.

Qatar residents planning to host ticketed family and friends should follow the below steps in order to provide a seamless experience for their guests:

Hosts should select the ‘Alternative Accommodation’ tab and follow the below steps:

– Add Qatar ID details

– Add the property name, zone, street, building and unit

– Select whether you own or rent the property

After a property has been added, the below information needs to be added:

– Name of each guest

– Each guest’s passport number

– Each guest’s nationality

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Guests simply need to travel to Qatar using the passport details added in the Alternative Accommodation section.

For support, contact:

– Email:

– Qatar residents: 800 2022

– International residents: (+974) 4441 2022

Every FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ticket holder – including Qatari citizens/residents – will need to apply for Hayya.


Source: The Peninsula