Looking for fashion, food and lifestyle? Head over to Doha Design District!

Shop Qatar is a celebration of the country’s retail, beauty and entertainment across popular Doha shopping malls.

Fashion, food and lifestyle—Doha Design District has it all!

Get ready to participate in a wide range of workshops in celebration of Shop Qatar Design Week from 3-to-9 October at Msheireb’s Design District.

The activities are part of the annual Shop Qatar festival, showcasing Doha’s vibrant fashion and entertainment industry while highlighting some of its local brands.

Perfume Creation Workshop: 6 and 7 October

Ever wanted to explore the world of perfumery?

At this workshop, you will be introduced to natural and synthetic raw materials, the ‘structure’ of a fragrance, and get an in-depth learning experience over the use of olfactory capacities to identify notes and develop fragrances.

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You will leave this workshop with an understanding of the olfactory pyramid and the different facets of a fragrance in addition to techniques used by professionals in the field to sell their fragrances.

The workshop runs for two days at 4 pm.

Tickets are available online.

Jewellery Workshop: 8 October

Nothing enhances a look more than a unique piece of jewellery—especially if it is your own.

Through this workshop, you will get a complete technical and informative experience of the world of jewellery making.

You will learn more about creating rings and bracelets using natural stones, including amethyst, jade, onyx and more using design templates and sketch materials from professionals.

The workshop will take place at 3 pm and 6 pm.

Tickets are available online.

Skincare Workshop: 9 October

What screams more self-love than skincare?

Enhance your skincare routine in a workshop curated by Qatar-based Korean cosmetic brand Pida Beauty. The session will help participants understand the importance of skincare and the needs of their skin by touching upon different skin types and concerns.

The workshop will be run by Founder and Managing Director of Pida Beauty, MinKyung Kang herself, a Certified Skincare Specialist as well as a Biological Scientist.

Participants will get a deeper insight on the right products and ingredients for each skin type and condition.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be given a complementary goodie bag that contains Pida Beauty’s very own products.

The workshop will take place at 3 pm and 6 pm.

Tickets are available online.