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Return of the Children’s Library

Kelly Johnstone of Time out Doha interviewed four of the library founders - Kerri Arlando, Alison Gilmour, Lida Larson and...
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Lola et Moi invites Doha Mums for special event

The Gulf Times covered this event with an almost aerial shot of the festivities!
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Team Wendy collects backpacks for Japan

Over 1,700 backpacks containing "comfort items" for the children in Japan were collected by Wendy and her team of volunteers....
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DHL and Doha Mums deliver to Japan

The planned shipping method fell through, but thankfully DHL saved the day!
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Special Easter treat at the Merwebhotel Central Doha

We celebrate all holidays, and particularly enjoy the "cooking" classes for toddlers. 
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