Phase Four of Lifting of Restrictions Continues

The Supreme Committee for Crisis Management would like to affirm the continuation of Phase Four, including the capacities that were recently announced, with relevant state authorities reviewing the indicators periodically. While the public health indicators show that the spread of the virus has been contained in the State of Qatar, this does not mean the pandemic has been reversed or that it has disappeared.

Therefore, the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management has approved a three-phase plan to re-impose certain restrictions if the Ministry of Public Health recommends so, based on its continuous monitoring of health indicators. In this context, we note that the main contributing factor for limiting the spread of the virus is people’s awareness and their commitment to following precautionary measures, especially relating to gatherings and social events, as it has recently become evident that: socialising without proper caution is the main source of spreading COVID-19 in the country.

It should be noted here that several countries around the world have already entered the second wave of the Coronavirus, and this could occur here as well if people do not take precautionary measures seriously.

Additionally, and as the spread rate of the pandemic around the world is on the rise, it is necessary to apply mandatory quarantine to all travellers returning to the State of Qatar until further notice, with the Ministry of Public Health continuing to update the list of low-risk countries.