Private schools, kindergartens urged to abide by ethical charter

Doha: The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has affirmed the application of the code of ethics for private schools and kindergartens.

Private Education Affairs Sector at the Ministry urged all private schools and kindergartens to abide by and work with the ethical charter, which was circulated to them at the end of the last academic year, and its provisions regulating the relationship between all parties to the educational process.

The ethical charter is based on six basic principles, on top of which comes the national identity, and its provisions, in its eighteen articles, clarify the ethics of the owner towards the ministry and the school, the ethics of the school principal towards his profession, employees, students and his school community, the ethics of a member of the educational staff towards his profession, his superiors, colleagues, students and his community.

The teachers ethics towards his profession, his students, his school community and parents, and the students ethics towards the school and its affiliates, the ethics of the guardian towards the school and its affiliates, and the ethics of the Board of Trustees and the administration.

The ethical charter, which was issued in both Arabic and English, targets all individuals enrolled in the educational process and the concerned parties, namely, owners, administrators, educational cadres, students, parents, and all kinds of councils such as boards of trustees and administration.



Source: The Peninsula