Qatar’s much-anticipated ‘Halal Festival’ kicks off on Monday

After its suspension last year due to Covid-19, the festival is finally back with exciting activities for all visitors to enjoy. 

Good news for all animal breeders! The country’s 10th edition of its much-anticipated Halal Qatar Festival will kick off on 21 February, 2022, in Katara.

The event, to be held in the southern part of Katara, will offer the public a chance to witness the country’s growing livestock industry and serve as a platform for farmers to display and acquire the best types of livestock.

The six-day festival is kicking off this year after a long suspension due to Covid-19, which put a halt on several activities to ensure the community’s safety. However, with cases steadily decreasing and the vast vaccination effort in the country, the event can be safely held with the appropriate measures set in place—and be as exciting as ever!

Alongside the host country, several other GCC countries will also be taking part, to flaunt their beautiful species which are picked carefully by specialised judging committees before entering the festival.

Dubbed as the ‘highlight of the festival’, Al Mazayen activity will see the participation of three different sheep and goat breeds, including the famous ‘Al Irab’, ‘Al Awarid’ and ‘Al Suriyat.’ An auction will also take place throughout the festival, auctioning those specific breeds for anyone looking to purchase livestock.

To encourage the livestock breeders, competitions will be held from 21-26 February. The top five winners will receive ‘attractive’ prizes, according to the Chairman of the Organising Committee Salman Al Nuaimi.

Al Nuaimi noted that Qatar’s eagerness to deliver the festival falls within its efforts to revive the Badia (desert) heritage and preserve the customs and traditions associated with it. This way, future generations get to form a realistic picture of the country’s ancient history and desert environment.

As for the present, the festival aims to motivate breeders to improve animal production and develop the livestock sector.




Source: DohaNews