Travellers coming to Qatar need mandatory pre-registration from today

UPDATE: This policy has been updated as of July 13 and now pre-registration is optional.

Doha: People coming into Qatar from all ports will have to pre-register on the “Ehteraz” website ( as the new travel and return policy came into effect from today. The website will also show the status of the application after the documents are submitted.


β€œTo facilitate entry into the State of #Qatar, from today all travellers will be required to pre-register via the Qatar arrivals registration platform:,” Qatar’s Government Communications Office (GCO) said.

It is mandatory for all travellers to register through the platform regardless of if they are arriving via the air, land or sea border.

Travellers will have to create an account and provide relevant personal and health information. Travellers must apply through the platform between 12 to 72 hours before their arrival time.

Qataris and residents must provide their ID number, GCC citizens must provide their passport number and visitors must provide their passport number and visa number.

All users must provide the type of Covid-19 vaccine they have received, and date of last dose.

Travellers who have recovered from Covid-19 must provide date of last infection.

Travellers will need to provide a copy of their passport, certified vaccination certificate and PCR negative test result.

Unvaccinated travellers and from high-risk countries must provide a copy of their hotel quarantine reservation.

Travellers can see the status of their application once it has been submitted. This will tell them whether it has been approved or if any other procedures are required.

When MoPH announced the new policy on Thursday, July 8, further relaxing the restrictions for entry into the country it had made it mandatory to register on the Ehteraz website and attach all required documents before arriving in Qatar 12 hours before travel.


Source: The Peninsula