Nurseries Reopening Guidelines by MADLSA

To avoid the risk of coronavirus infection and limit its spread, the Ministry of Administrative Development (MADLSA), Labour and Social Affairs has issued a comprehensive guide related to safety and health precautions in nurseries.

The Ministry started that “It is not allowed to open nurseries whose licence have expired and the license has not been renewed. Also, it is not allowed to open nurseries that did not obtain a health facility license for the nurse’s room from the Ministry of Public Health until the date of opening the nurseries”.

It also mentioned that “All workers in the nursery should undergo a coronavirus test and nurseries do not start providing the services until negative results for all workers are received. In addition excluding workers who have special conditions such as (breastfeeding, pregnancy, chronic diseases etc.) should be excluded from work in a nursery”.

It addition, if there are any infected cases in the nursery, it will be closed for a period of 14 days. “The infected case must be checked again before his rejoining the job, or joining the nursery if he/she is a child. Also, the nursery should provide a separate room dedicated to isolating the suspected cases”.

The Ministry stated that it is forbidden to receive children in case they are in contact with a coronavirus patient and that parents should sign a written commitment not to bring the child in case that they mingled or their child mingled with any of the corona patients.  “Children with symptoms of a temperature above 37.8 ° C, dry cough, vomiting, runny nose, and shortness of breath are not allowed to enter a nursery”, the Ministry stated.

The nursery should also provide thermometers to periodically measure the temperature of children in a nursery, in addition to providing hands sterilising materials at the nursery main gate.
It is also forbidden to receive parents and visitors inside the nursery, and all children and workers in a nursery are obliged to take off the shoes outside the nursery, while wearing a special clean shoe inside the nursery.“All employees in a nursery must adhere to wearing masks and gloves during work and avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth, as well as preventing handshaking, and physical contact,” the Ministry stated.