Schools to Reopen in Three Phases

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education announced that the opening of  all public and private schools, including Kindergartens, for the 2020/21 academic year will take place in three phases.

Phase one – will be from September 1 to 3. Attendance will be limited to one-third of students body  in all grades.

The Educational Affairs Sector and Private Education Sector provided guidance on attendance to the public and private schools nationwide including specialized and special education schools.

Schools and pre-schools will need to notify parents, via different means communication, of the attendance mechanism for the first three school days. The importance of students’ attendance should also be stressed.

The second phase will be two weeks from 6 to 17 September using the blended learning model.

The maximum attendance in public and private schools will be 50%. Students will be split into two groups and rotated over a course of two weeks.

Group 1 (50%) will attend in-person in the first week and study by distance learning in the second week. Group 2 will study by distance learning in the first week and attend school in the second one. This phase aims to continue with the distance learning experience and educate students about the significance of complying with the precautionary measures.

The third phase marks the in-person attendance of students full time (100%). Starting  September 20th.

All students at  public, private and pre-schools will attend usual classes at their schools. Precautionary measures will continue to be observed as instructed by the Ministry’s Health and Safety Department, and in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health.