Qatar Museums offers free online workshops, tours and storytelling until June

In a statement, NMoQ said: “Students can now experience the wonders of the National Museum of Qatar from the comfort of their homes or classrooms.”

These tours are designed to be an engaging and culturally stimulating adventure for students through live interaction with the museum guide. Schools can choose from the following themes: Life on the Coast in Qatar, Qatari Architecture, The Discovery of Black Gold and transformation in Qatar, and The Modern History of Qatar.

Meanwhile, every Thursday this month, NMoQ is holding Students Virtual Art Workshop. This is from 9am to 12pm via Zoom. NMoQ said its online guides will lead students through creative activities inspired by Qatar’s culture and natural environment.

The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) will conduct various online workshops until June which include Iznik Design and the Life Cycle of Plants, Research Skills and Fake News, MIA Architect I.M. Pei, Dynastic Differences, Materials in Islamic Art, The Art of Illumination, Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art, and Calligraphy Workshop.

Iznik Design and the Life Cycle of Plants workshop will be using the Iznik tiles design as a reference for identifying the different stages of a plant’s life cycle.

Participants will then draw up a diagram to explain what they learned. They will also get the chance to plant their own seed and record its development in the plant journal provided.

Research Skills and Fake News workshop will help students conduct their own research using the museum’s library. In MIA Architect I.M. Pei, students will be introduced to the architect behind MIA’s building and learn how Islamic architecture served as an inspiration for the design of the museum.

Dynastic Differences will look at domestic and royal environments, understand how they became part of the Islamic world and what they brought with them from their pre-Islamic past. Materials in Islamic Art will explore how different items in the MIA collection are made up of various kinds of material with this workshop.

The Art of Illumination will explore the different decorative motifs found in Islamic manuscripts. On Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art, students will learn all about the importance of geometry in Islamic Art. And Calligraphy Workshop is a journey into the types of calligraphy found in Islamic manuscripts.

Storytelling session is set every Monday and Wednesday for this month to be conducted by NMoQ. The virtual storytelling will explore the underwater world of dugong and the challenges they face. The story will be followed by games and other fun hands-on activities.

Moreover, MIA will be hosting an online story time until June where students will learn about the art of storytelling and work on a special craft activity.

All workshops and storytelling sessions are free to attend and a registration is required through Qatar Museums website.




Source: The Peninsula