Qatar’s revised green, yellow and red list countries effective 12 July 2021

The Ministry of Public Health has posted the revised green list, yellow list, and red list countries on 8 July 2021 as per new travel policy. This list will be effective from 12 July 2021.

Unvaccinated citizens and residents of Qatar will be subject to the following quarantine rules:

  • Green List Countries: 5-day home quarantine and a repeat PCR test at a Primary Health Care Center on day 4, if arriving from a Green listed country.
  • Yellow List Countries: 7-day hotel quarantine and a repeat PCR test (on traveler’s expense) in the hotel on day 6, if arriving from a Yellow listed country.
  • Red List Countries: 10-day hotel quarantine and a repeat PCR on arrival in the hotel, and on day 9 (on traveler’s expense), if arriving from a Red listed country.


Source: ILQ