Traditional Korean music performed at Souq Waqif

Doha: Traditional Korean music performance, ‘The Dynamic of Korea: Samullori’ was held on Monday and yesterday at Souq Waqif.

Co-hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Korea Foundation, the cultural event showcased ‘Samullori’, the traditional Korean percussion music and dance.

The Korean performance team, “New Dot”, was on stage.

The word “Samul” means “four objects”, while “lori” means “play”. Samullori is performed with four traditional Korean musical instruments.

These are Kkwaenggwari, a small gong; Jing, a larger gong; Janggu, an hourglass-shaped drum; and Buk, a barrel drum similar to the bass drum.

The cultural event attracted more than 300 people per each day with Samullori’s strong, accented rhythms and vibrant and dynamic movements.

Along with the traditional Korean song and dance, the team also prayed for the peace and well-being of the audiences during the show.

Korean Ambassador to the State of Qatar H E Joon-ho Lee said that “Nowadays K-pop and K-dramas and movies are gaining world-wide popularity. I am very pleased that this event will give you a chance to experience the amazingly vibrant and energetic traditional Korean music. I wish this cultural event will be another catalyst and driver for even strengthened “Korean Wave” in Qatar and I am sure it will eventually contribute to further deepening Korea-Qatar relations by promoting better understanding on each other’s culture.”




Source: The Peninsula